Helsinki Design Picnic

Venue: Arabia Campus of Metropolia UAS

“How design-thinking has been adopted to enhance the city development and how it is transforming Helsinki?”

Host of the morning session:
Anna-Maria Vilkuna, Director of RDI, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

9 am – noon
Opening words
Anni Sinnemäki, Deputy Mayor, City of Helsinki

The Mains

DIY Urbanism & Citizens as a Resource for Shaping Cities
Timo Hämäläinen, Urban Blogger http://urbanfinland.com/

The Story of the Design-Driven Helsinki
Marco Steinberg, Snowcone & Haystack

Design-thinking in the Urban Development
Anne Stenros, Director of International Design Business Management, Aalto University

Quick Tastes

Co-produced City and Suburbs
Tero Santaoja, Project Manager of the Neighborhood Project, City of Helsinki

Evolving City – Helsinki Beyond Dreams
Hella Hernberg, Designer/Architect

Public Servant 2.0 – What is demanded from the City Officials?
Pekka Sauri, Deputy Mayor, City of Helsinki

noon – 1 pm
Discussions continue over the Lunch

1 pm – 5 pm
Workshops & Parallel Programme

TRACK A: Co-developing Myllypuro Campus (Workshop + Walking Tour)
In this co-creation workshop participants are challenged to brainstorm and develop ideas about stakeholder cooperation in the suburban district of Myllypuro, where a new Metropolia campus is being built. The workshop presents a participatory design concept that was created for Live Baltic Campus and the first Livable City Forum. Immerse yourself in creative team work, join a stakeholder role play around a map and take this method back to your home city in the form of a toolkit poster!
workshop facilitated by Jalmari Sarla
30 seats available

After 2-hour workshop in Arabia there is a transportation to Myllypuro + walking tour led by Pauli Saloranta, Urban Walks Finland

TRACK B: City as Campus – Design Driven Helsinki
How did Helsinki decide to pursue being a design driven city? This session allows you to dig more deeply into how it all happened from the City’s perspective, what are the findings from the years’ experience and learn more in detail about the design interventions made in the city departments and public services.
afternoon coordinated by Anu Mänttäri, City of Helsinki
50 seats available

TRACK C: Arabia Creative Campus Picnic (Workshop + Walking Tour) N.B session held mainly in Finnish
Within few years all of Metropolia’s Creative education will take place in Arabia Campus. In this workshop we will shape shared visions to guide our future plans. Some of our subjects: How to built a joint campus between the two buildings and multiple disciplines? The ways to include the higher education campuses in the area into a collaborative network and to create joint study modules between them? How Arabia sits in the urban planning scene and development of the local profile and brand? What should be the future services in the area and how should the future Campus Arabia be co-developed? To get inspired of the stakeholders and facilities in the area!
afternoon coordinated by the projects Creative Campus Arabia & CoINNO
30 seats available

1 pm – 3 pm
Live Baltic Campus Steering Group meeting

7 pm onwards
Social Summer Evening
Enjoy the urban atmosphere, some snacks, drinks & great company
Exact location yet to be confirmed

WEDNESDAY’S PROGRAMME | Turku Campus Challenge
FRIDAY’S PROGRAMME | Sustainability + Design