You can launch the Forum Brochure here: LivableCityForum Tartu Programme 7-8 March 2017 Update



9:00–12:15 Partner meeting (Main Building, Ülikooli 18-228)
12:30–13:30 Lunch (Restaurant Polpo, Old town, Rüütli 9)
13:00–14:00 Registration (Main Building, Assembly Hall, Ülikooli 18)

14:00–17:30 Forum: academic perspectives (Main Building, Assembly Hall, Ülikooli 18)
Opening: Erik Puura, Vice Rector, Tartu University
Frank Witlox, Professor, Ghent University, “Walk the liveable city. On travel behaviour, lifestyles, and sustainable urban mobility”
Michael Hebbert, Professor, University College London, “City and Campus: how learning rediscovered its urban roots”
Rein Ahas, Professor, Tartu University, “Campus, creative jobs, and urban mobility”
Coffee break
Johan Colding, Associate Professor, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University, “University and resilient urban environment”
Karl Samuelsson, PhD candidate, Gävle University, “Efficient or livable? – A paradox for creating sustainable urban environments”
Panel discussion

19:00–22:00 Forum dinner and factory excursion (Restaurant Aparaat, Kastani 42)


9:00–12:00 Workshop (Physicum, Maarjamõisa campus, W. Ostwaldi 1-A411)
9:00-9:50 Presentations about mobile methods in space-time research
10:00-12:00 Planning workshop based on the profiles of campus users

10:00–12:00 Steering group meeting (in parallel with workshop, for steering group members only) (Institute of Technology, Maarjamõisa campus, Nooruse 1)
12:00–13:00 Lunch (Café Du Nord, Institute of Technology, Nooruse 1)

13:00–14:30 Field trip: Tartu campus areas. Walking tour from Maarjamõisa campus to city centre

14:30–17:00 Forum: city perspectives (SPARK Tartu, Central city, Narva Str 3)
Welcome note: Jarno Laur, Deputy Mayor, Tartu City Government
Kadri Arrak, Kadri Kõivik, Presentation of SPARK Tartu Demo Centre and study environment
Pille Metspalu, Planning Consultant, Hendrikson & Ko, and Indrek Ranniku, City Planner, Tartu City Government, “Synergy in spatial planning and land use – the case of Tartu University”
Coffee break
Tõnis Arjus, City Architect, Tartu City Government, “Densifying the urban core. The story of Delta IT study building”
Raimond Tamm, Member of Board, Tartu Science Park, “Successful smart city development depends on multilateral cooperation”

17:30–20:00 Partner meeting with dinner (University Café, Old town, Ülikooli 20)



You can reach Tartu by flying to the local Tartu Airport or to the Tallinn Airport from where you can take a Lux Express bus to Tartu (departs from the city centre and from the airport at least once in every hour until 9 PM). It would be better to buy a ticket in advance from the previous web page. You may also take an Elron train from Tallinn to Tartu.

Flights through Tartu Airport:
6 March 20:50–21:35
7 March 10:55–11:45

8 March 21:55–22:40
9 March 12:10–12:55

Organizers provide transfer from Tartu airport on 7 March (noon) and to Tartu airport on 8 March (evening). If you wish to use the transfer, please let us know in the registration form.

If you have any questions about the arrival, please contact kristi.post(at)ut.ee.


We have put together a list of hotels in the city center. Rooms and prices are subject to availability. We kindly ask you to book the room by sending an email to the hotel. The key word for special prices is “LCF2017”. Please note that the special rates are only available if booked directly with the hotel and not through external internet booking systems.

Discounted prices are valid for period 6-9 March 2017 to use.

The hotel is located at the River Emajõgi in central Tartu. Very close to Tartu bus station – excellent in case of using Tallinn airport for arrival. Breakfast included.
Single 59€
Twin 74€
For booking, please send an e-mail info(at)dorpat.ee and use keyword “LCF2017”.
Book before 15 February 2017, booking later is possible only in case of available rooms.

The hotel is located in a historic building in the core of the old town, very close to the university main building where the forum of the first day will take place. Breakfast included.
Single 77€
Twin 90€
For booking, please send an e-mail london(at)tartuhotels.ee and use keyword “LCF2017”.
Book before 5 February 2017, booking later is possible only in case of available rooms.

Brand new spa hotel in central Tartu, close to everything! Exclusive offer. Breakfast included.
Single 75€
Twin 95€
For booking, please send an e-mail triinu(at)vspahotel.ee and use keyword “LCF2017”.
Book before 5 February 2017, booking later is possible only in case of available rooms.
NB: The price includes the visit to the spa and sauna center.

New offer! Another new spa hotel in the Old Town of Tartu, just below the beloved Dome Hill and behind Town Hall. Breakfast included.
Single 86,10€
Twin 107,80€
For booking, please send an e-mail to sales(at)lydia.ee and use keyword “LCF2017”. The rooms are subject to availability.
NB: The price includes visit to the spa lounge and fitness room.


Tartu city is one thousand years old and located between a beautiful Dome hill and the River Emajõgi (“Mother River”). It is also a historic university town – Tartu University was founded in 1632. We encourage you to arrive earlier or stay later – there is a lot to see and experience!

Estonian National Museum – brand new museum at the fringe of Tartu, the real pearl of the Estonian and Finno-Ugric culture, a MUST for all visitors
Natural History Museum of Tartu University – new permanent exhibition by the close neighbours of the Department of Geography, a lot to see and delve into
Tartu University Museum – four venues filled with the history of science and university education, art collections and ancient figures
AHHAA Science Centre, the biggest in the Baltics, hands-on exhibits, planetarium, workshops and more


The event is organised by the Department of Geography, Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences, Tartu University in cooperation with Tartu City Government in the framework of Interreg project Live Baltic Campus.

LCF Tartu 2017 team:
Department of Geography, Tartu University
Kristi Post, kristi.post(at)ut.ee
Age Poom, age.poom(at)ut.ee
Rein Ahas, rein.ahas(at)ut.ee
Tartu City Government
Indrek Ranniku, indrek.ranniku(at)raad.tartu.ee
Tõnis Arjus, tonis.arjus(at)raad.tartu.ee

What is the Livable City Forum?

What makes a vital and a livable city? One thing is certain, it revolves around people, education and business. As cities compete globally to attract the best talents, the urban culture and wellbeing become increasingly important.

In the Livable City Forum you will hear true-life examples of strategies, methods and partnerships utilising design thinking for better and more sustainable urban development. But more than this, you’ll also get to experience the methods at first hand!

The Livable City Forum gives an opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other – your participation is key! Experts from the city governments, urban practitioners and academia will share their views and findings on what makes the cities livable and enjoyable for us all!

How was Livable City Forum Uppsala – watch a video! Check out also participants’ thoughts about the Forum.

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