Live Baltic Campus Results

Book: Dreams and Seeds – the Role of Campuses in Sustainable Urban Development

Campus development, much like urban planning in general, relates to the concepts of dreams and seeds: visions of the future, and a continuous flow of, often small, actions and decisions required for bringing the visions into reality. The book ‘Dreams and Seeds’ is a compilation of the insights, perspectives, and practical examples stemming from the two-year joint exploration to find the necessary ingredients and local measurements for sustainable urban campuses.
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Development Ideas Book & Core Themes for Campus Development

Working together to explore the participatory design methods for campuses while simultaneously conducting local pilots in the six Live Baltic Campus partner cities has produced a multitude of outputs and insights. A data analysis of the material produced in the pilot cases has led to the identification of 44 sub-themes, which in turn were grouped into six core themes. Together, the themes form a holistic take on important issues in understanding both how more sustainable and inviting campuses can be created, and how they can inspire more sustainable urban development overall. The themes are described in more detail together with the process in the Live Baltic Campus Development Ideas Book.
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