Livable City Forum Riga + R.Schmaeling Conference 2017


Livable City Forum Riga was taking place on 4-6 October 2017, and it was organized in cooperation with the annual Reinhold Schmaeling Conference traditionally hosted by Riga City Architect’s Office.

Knowledge, research and innovation are playing an increasingly important role in today’s social, economic and urban development processes. Due to the planned and ongoing developments on the left bank of River Daugava, Latvia and its capital Riga will in the near future experience a rapid transformation of education, research and innovation infrastructure. These developments will uncover new opportunities for improving the quality of education, as well as vitalize the growth of currently underdeveloped territories within a walking distance from the heart of Riga.

The combined event of LCF Riga and R. Schmaeling Conference invited you to consider and discuss how sustainable architecture and smart urban planning can contribute to such areas as science, innovation, knowledge economy, as well as regional and national competitiveness.





Full programme of the event, with speaker bios and info on presentations, can be downloaded here; short programme version is available here. October 4 photos are here. R.Schmaeling conference photos are here. Presentation videos in English can be viewed here. Presentation videos in Latvian are here. October 6 presentation on Riga Knowledge Mile should be here, and presentation on UBC is here. Photos are here.




The joint event LCF Riga + R.Schmaeling Conference was organized by the University of Latvia, Riga Planning Region and Riga City Architect’s Office.

Please contact us if you have any questions:

Anita Kazina, anita.kazina [at] lu.lv
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What is the Livable City Forum?

What makes a vital and a livable city? One thing is certain, it revolves around people, education and business. As cities compete globally to attract the best talents, the urban culture and wellbeing become increasingly important.

In the Livable City Forum you will hear true-life examples of strategies, methods and partnerships utilising design thinking for better and more sustainable urban development. But more than this, you’ll also get to experience the methods at first hand!

The Livable City Forum gives an opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other – your participation is key! Experts from the city governments, urban practitioners and academia will share their views and findings on what makes the cities livable and enjoyable for us all!

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