Space-time use information for better campus
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University of Tartu has approximately 13600 students and 3400 employees who are commuting every day to different campuses for study and work. University campuses are dispersedly located around the city. There are historical buildings in the City Centre Campus and several new buildings built in the suburban Maarjamõisa Campus. Tartu University has been searching new location for the Institute of Computer sciences and Institute of Mathematics and Statistics and the dilemma where to locate the new building has been a discussion point between university administration and city government already for a long time.

The Department of Geography is organizing a study of the impact of campus location on spatial activities and consumption of urban space. With the help of Smartphone tracking and questionnaires we will conduct a survey to understand the impact of campus location on activity space, use of urban functions, time use, transport needs and carbon footprint of students and university staff members who are studying, living or working within the city centre or Maarjamõisa. The aim of this survey is to help making informed spatial planning decisions both by the city government as well as the administration of University of Tartu. We would like to spread our knowledge to others cities who could use the space-time use information as a base of their planning decisions and foresee possible effects of significant developments.