Hunting for a Dream Campus
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Campus toolkits designed for the Live Baltic Campus were put to action at the opening of academic year event of Metropolia, MetroSport. Some 100 students sketched their dream campus with the puzzle-like toolkit. The results will be utilized in the development of the future Myllypuro campus of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

kevinKevin Truong, Vietnamese degree student of Environmental Engineering, chose lots of sport facilities to his dream campus.

– I love sport, proclaimed Kevin when he was asked to elaborate on his choices.

Although Kevin himself will probably not study in Myllypuro, he had a strong view about the new campus.

– It is extremely important that the buildings are environmentally friendly, he underlined.

Energy for studies

img_8951Student of Public Health Nursing Türkan Aliyeva selected lots of sport facilities for her dream campus as well in addition to a room for a short rest or even a nap.

– Our current gym is very small and completely without windows. Demanding studies require us to recharge and boost our energy levels during the breaks, clarified Türkan her choices.

The future campus will host the Public Health Nursing Programme. Türkan herself, however, will graduate before that.

– I pass the site  frequently and am very exited to see how the campus will look like, Türkan said.

The popularity of sport related activities in the replies was not unexpected as the MetroSport is also the the biggest yearly student sports event in Finland.

img_8971The toolkit developed by students of Industrial Design intrigued President of Metropolia, Riitta Konkola (middle in the picture). She also gave an idea for the next toolkit prototype.

– A live feed of the results would be a great feature and could easily be arranged utilising e.g. RFID technology in collaboration with our in-house applied electronics RDI unit, Electria.

Before that, however, the current toolkits are taken to another test on Saturday. Helsinki Pilot crew will then continue and collect the views on an ideal campus from the Myllypuro residents.

The next Saturday will also see the historic event of laying the foundation stone of the future Campus as well as the yearly Myllypuro Day neighborhood party. To add to the festivities even more the Myllypuro Area Society also celebrates its 50th anniversary on the same day.


Results of the day


Photos: Katariina Saarela and Päivi Keränen