Building Campus Albano
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As winter sets over Stockholm and the days grow shorter, Campus Albano starts seeing the daylight. Construction of the 100.000 sqm new campus area began in November 2015. A year later the first built-up constructions are now emerging, which includes a tunnel over the railway.

The plans for the campus were developed in collaboration between several different groups, including architects, city planners, the real estate owners, and researchers. The campus is designed to support a learning system, local biodiversity and human wellbeing. The case study of the process to design the new campus is part of Live Baltic Campus’ Work Package 3, Sharing and Developing Best Practices.

Campus Albano is intended to connect the existing universities in Stockholm: The KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University of the Arts in the east, Karolinska Institutet in the west, and Stockholm University in the north.

The project is seen as a key element in reinforcing Stockholm as centre for knowledge and research driven development. Once finished it will host a multitude of different scholarly disciplines as well as 1000 climate-friendly designed student apartments. Moving in is preliminary planned for 2019.



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