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While new campus building is being build, Metropolia UAS is already increasing its visibility in Myllypuro. Currently we are preparing for MINNOfest which will be held on March 16 in Myllypuro. This innovation party is the display window of joint innovation projects of Metropolia’s students and enterprises and associations of the Helsinki metropolitan area. Students will present their innovative ideas at MINNO-fair and there will also be student’s pitches about the outcomes of the projects.


Live Baltic Campus goes MINNOfest!

Plans for MINNOfest 2017

Live Baltic Campus Helsinki pilot has recognized the importance to link the current situation to the future when the actual building already exist. One of our mission is to perform as a link between the community and Metropolia.

At MINNOfest we will present the visions of Metropolia’s design students about the ‘Place to Be’ in the Myllypuro Campus. The Place is a central and high-class public space with quality architecture inviting both the students and the residents of Myllypuro to spend time and meet each other.

In cooperation with Living Well, the Health & Wellbeing Competence Hub of Metropolia, there is also an opportunity for senior citizens to give their opinion about good assisted living space. In addition, the project will also bring MINNOfest to the resident house Mylläri at Myllypuro – this way we want to become part of everyday life at the community.

Innovation projects provide practical solutions to the needs of businesses and workplaces

MINNOfest builds on innovation projects that are conducted in all Metropolia degree programs. These focus on practical subjects from working life. The projects aim to find new, practical solutions to meet the needs of today’s labour market and society. Students from different fields brainstorm and carry out each project together with representatives from businesses and workplaces. Our innovation projects create new processes, products, services and events – the kind of which we sometimes never even dreamed about. By bringing MINNOfest to Myllypuro we are making future campus activities visible to the local level.


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