Creating Riga’s First Campus
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University of Latvia is one of the leading universities in the Baltic States, and the centre of academic education in Latvia. In terms of the number of students, it is one of the largest university in the Baltic States. University of Latvia provides education and conducts research in a number of fields, with a focus on natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. As the university grew organically for almost a century since its foundation in 1919, its various faculties and institutes came to be located in various places all over Riga.

To implement a vision of a consolidated centre of education, the first step was made: the Academic Centre of Natural Sciences, comprising five different faculties and departments (Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Earth Sciences, Pharmacy, and Optometry), was built in 2014-2015. Currently, work is ongoing on a further planning of the territory and integration of the new faculties in a single university campus.

Together with the University of Latvia, Riga Planning Region is involved in the project Live Baltic Campus, in order to complete the development of the campus by using participative design methods based on best practices in the Baltic Sea Region and worldwide.

This work will serve as an example of the use of innovative methods for urban planners and developers of the capital city Riga, as well as other municipalities of Latvia, in creating a modern urban environment and integrating it with the general plan of the city.

Riga Planning Region’s mission is the planning and co-ordination of regional development, and co-operation between local government and other State administrative institutions. Its functions in this project will include the implementation of development actions and facilitation of inter-institutional cooperation between local stakeholders, such as University of Latvia and Riga City Council, as well as communicating the learning and experience of pilot projects to other municipalities in Riga Region.