Riga Planning Region will provide an opinion on development strategies of the leading universities of Latvia
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The experts from Riga Planning Region have been invited to participate in the commission drafted by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia. The task of experts is to provide their opinion on development strategies of two main higher education institutions in Latvia, namely, the University of Latvia and the Riga Technical University.


According to the Ministry, it is crucial to obtain from organizations, which represent the particular sector, the opinion and conclusions concerning these development plans and potential cooperation with sector organizations and companies, as well as the compatibility of investment with the priorities of sector development, in order to provide a solid evaluation of development strategies.


Taking into account the role of Riga Planning Region in the project Live Baltic Campus and in region as whole, its experts have been invited to present their opinion and recommendations on behalf of the region and Riga City. The input of experts will help the Ministry to elaborate its opinion on the subject matter and to make decisions on providing a substantial financial support to both educational institutions for developing the infrastructure in spheres of smart specialization, as well as for strengthening the institutional capacity of scientific institutions.


Commission consists of experts from the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture, as well as of representatives from municipalities and administrative regions where are located these universities, and organizations related to the sectors of education, science, and economics.


The task of the commission is to evaluate the development plans of higher education institutions, their compatibility with goals of relevant sectors and Smart specialization strategy of Latvia. It also includes planning an optimal, resource-efficient allocation of finances from various sources, so that it would enhance the quality of higher education and research in Latvia.


Riga Planning Region will prepare recommendations and conduct an in-depth research in order to provide a solid opinion on what should be improved in development strategies of both universities and how it should be done, so that the development process would be aligned with interests of Riga City and region.


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